West Africa Childrens Trust

childrens charity


  • holy cross school

    This is a school that we have supported in a number of ways over many years. We provided tables, chairs, teachers’ desks, bookcases and a jolly phonics cupboard for two new classrooms that were built here by another charity. We have donated art materials, tubs of powder paint, disposable aprons and paint brushes. We have also donated money towards other projects at this school.

  • toilet construction

    We are constantly striving to increase the amount of projects focused on promoting the construction of toilets. The above project is just one of many we have taken on, to increase access to basic sanitation.

  • Sinchu Nursery School

    To alleviate the overcrowding situation at this school, we paid for building materials and labour for two extra classrooms to be built, each classroom accommodating up to 35 children. On completion of this project, we also provide classroom equipment i.e. tables, chairs, chalkboards etc. We also built the toilet block at this school.

  • The charity’s most recent project was the community school in Badumeh Village. Where we paid for the building to be plastered inside and out, and put new flooring down. We also bought desks, benches and blackboards.

    charity and donation

    Any donations that you are willing to make will go a long way to keeping our support goinging into the future.
    We rely on the kind donations made, and thank all that continue to donate and all that donate in the future.